Hello!  I’m Darcey Riley.  The world is a fantastic place and I am trying to understand and experience as much of it as possible.  I’m on a quest to explore ideas, perspectives, modes of experience, and ways of life.  And as with many explorers, I’ve found that my quest has taken me away from familiar surroundings, into a wild and tangled unknown.  Ideas that I grew up thinking were self-evident have come to seem strange and arbitrary in the light of a new perspective.  Ideas that I never would have dreamed of have come to seem commonplace.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to keep my footing, but other times I just sit back and let myself be swept along by the current of life.

I don’t write very much on this blog, but if I did, I’d probably write about concepts, semantics, aesthetics, framing, metaphors, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, existentialism, epistemology, perspectives, worldviews, symbols, archetypes, magick, rituals, philosophy of science, the intellectual histories of ideas, the (perceived) conflict between intuition and analysis, the Apollonian and the Dionysian, mythology, the role of narrative structure in understanding our lives, reverence, emergent structures, affirming the universe, grander visions of the cosmos not limited to a human-centric perspective, identity and what it’s good for, the basic assumptions underlying my worldview, and my personal philosophical journey through life.

I work for a large software company that you’ve probably heard of.  All opinions on this blog are purely my own, and shouldn’t be taken to represent those of my employer.

For those who are curious, the title of this blog is an anagram of my name, following a long and illustrious blogging tradition.

If you want to contact me, you can find me at [firstname].[lastname]@gmail.com.

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